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TH135 Humidity Controller

  • Dual Pt100 input
  • PID, PID auto-tuning
  • Dual bright LED display
  • Alarms with 6 options
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • RS232/485 Option
  • Standard panel cut-out dimension

The TH135 humidity controller with a dual Pt100 temperature input module, is indented for industrial humidity control or other related applications.

Use two Pt100 temperature sensor to measure the wet and dry bulb temperature, according to the measured value and a build-in polynomial formula(Relative Humidity Table) in the controller, relative humidity (RH) is calculated.
Today, this is the most classical/reliable method of accurately calculating humidity for low temperature applications.

The 'dry bulb temperature' measures the air temperature directly. It is measured using a Pt100 temperature sensor.

The 'wet bulb' is cooled relative to the 'dry bulb' by heat loss due to moisture evaporation from the wet bulb wick. The rate of evaporation is dependent on the ambient temperature and humidity. It is measured using a Pt100 temperature sensor surrounded by a moist cotton wick.

Idea for
1. Lab equipment
2. Food processing
3. Environmental
4. Timber drying
5. Horticulture


TH136 Humidy Controller

  • Electrical humdity sensor input
  • PID control, PID auto-tunging
  • High accuracy humidity sensor
  • Dual bright LED displays
  • Alarms with 6 options
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • RS232/485 Option
  • Easy to use and wiring

Many applications require precise measurement and control of humidity in controlled environments. The TH136 humidity controller using the HM1500 humidity sensor to measure the humidity directly. With the humidifier and dehumidifier equipments, TH135 can be used to form a closed-loop humidity control system.

Idea for
1. Ventilation systems in grain stores
2. Environmental protection
3. Pharmaceuticals
4. Paper making
5. Food processing
6. incubation


HM1500 Humidity Sensor

  • Small size
  • Not affected by water immersion
  • Full interchangeability
  • High reliability and long term stability
  • Typical 1 to 4 Volt DC output for 0 to 100 % RH at 5 V DC supply
  • Calibrated within +/- 2 % RH @ 55 % RH
  • Very low temperature dependence
  • Ratiometric to voltage supply within the specified range
  • Suitable for 3 to 7 Volts supply voltage

Based on the rugged HS1101 capacitive humidity sensor, HM1500 is a dedicated humidity transducer designed for OEM applications where a reliable and accurate measurement is needed.

Direct interface with a micro-controller is made possible with the module’s linear voltage output.

Technical Specifications

Capacitive humidity Sensor
Humirel HS1101
Humirel HS1101
Measuring range
0~100%RH 0~100%RH, (1~20%RH, optimized accuracy range)
Temperature coefficient
+0.1%RH/℃ <+0.1%RH/℃
Response time
10 s 5 s
Nominal output
+1V~+4V +1V~+1.6V
Power supply
5 V dc 5 V dc
Ambient temp
-30℃~+60℃ -30℃~+60℃

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