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TC818 Tension Controller

  • 128x96 graphical LCD
  • Bright LED for PV, output, diameter indication
  • Chinese/English menu
  • Friendly user interface
  • Universal tension signal input
  • PI control algorithm
  • Taper tension control
  • Diameter tension control
  • Roller exchange
  • RS232/RS485 Comms Interface
  • Flexible mounting options

The TC818 tension controller, with a 128x96 pixel graphical lcd display, provides precision control of winding, unwinding zones in both web and strand processing applications.

The dual 0-24V/4A outputs can drive the magnetic powder clutch/brake directly.

The LCD and indicators make the user can opearate the controller easily without long time learning. Menu security levels can protect the setting parameters.


Typical applications

Instruction Manual

  • TC818 Instruction Manual V4.00 ( PDF, 614K )
  • TC818 Instruction Manual V3.00 ( HTML )

TC930 Tension Controllers

  • PID auto-tunging
  • Without touch the material
  • Dual bright LED displays
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • RS232/485 communications
  • Standard DIN size
  • Friendly interface, ease to use and configure


The ALTEC TC930 tension controller continuously monitors the diameter of the unwind/rewind roll, and adjusts the outputs to control the torque motor or powder brake, to get the exact control of tension.

The user interface of TC930 tension controller is very friendly, system status indicators allow the operator to see the operating mode at a glance.


TC950 Tension Controllers

  • PID auto-tunging
  • Auto/Manual directly switching
  • Dual tension sensor input
  • Tensin calibration
  • Dual bright LED displays
  • Sleeve mounting for easy maintenance
  • RS232/485 Communication
  • Standard DIN size
  • Friendly interface, easy to use and configure


The ALTEC TC950 tension controller provide precision tension control for web or strand applications.

TC950 can be used to form a closed-loop tension control system. In the sysem, dual tension signal was sent to the controller, the controller compares the target tension with the actual tension and calculates the output with a build-in PID algorithm, then output a compensating signal to a tensioning device such as a powder brake, clutch or a DC drive to get the accurate control of tension.

The standard output signal from the tension ontroller is 0-10V, 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA, which can be directed to a brake or a DC drive.


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